Volume 30 (No. 1, January-June)



  • Current perspective on vitamin D deficiency: A mini review
    Mahajan AS, Agarwal P.  pdf PDF (609 K)

Original Articles

  • The derivative of diesel exhaust particles, 4-nitro-3-phenylphenol, exerts both androgenic and anti-androgenic effect in castrated immature male rats.
    Trisomboon J, Li CM, Suzuki AK, Watanabe G, Taya K.   pdf PDF (1.56 M)  
  • Effects of combination of ketamine with norBNI on DREAM protein and ketamine-induced antinociceptive effect in formalin-induced inflammatory pain.
    Long I, Suppian R, Ismail Z.   pdf PDF (807 K)  
  • Effects of morellofavone from Garcinia dulcis on the relaxation response, malondialdehyde levels and histology of cisplatin-treated rat aorta.
    Sumalee A, Mahabusarakam W, Kirirat P, Hiranyachattada S.   pdf PDF (1.61 M)