Volume 31 (No.2, July-December)


Review Article

  • Immunosenescence and inflamm-aging
    Naiyanetr P.   pdf PDF (732 K) 


Original Articles

  • Translation and test-retest reliability of the Thai version of the Scoliosis Research Society SRS-22r
    Samala M, Rakbangboon T, Assawapalangchai S.   pdf PDF (726 K) 
  • In vitro cell culture study of anticholesterol and antioxidant activities of Myrmecodia platytyrae extract in WRL-68 cells
    Nik Hasan MK, Kamarazaman IS., Abdul Wahab I, Mizaton HH, Rasadah  MA.    pdf PDF (1.23 M)
  • Effect of combined mental tracking dual-task during walking on gait speed and cognitive performance in stroke patients
    Pisalayon T, Saengsirisuwan V, Pumpho A, Chaikeeree N, Boonsinsukh R.   pdf PDF (1.29 M)  
  • Renal function, cardiovascular risks, and heart rate variability in the elderly with prehypertension and hypertension from Eastern Thailand: A preliminary cross-sectional study
    Prasertsri P, Chonanant C, Singsanan S, Naravoratham K, Kaewaram J, Trongtosak P.   pdf PDF (738 K)