Volume 17 (No.3, December)


Editorial Review 

  • Thai Journal of Physiological Sciences - the first two years as e-journal.
    Roysommuti S, Wyss JM.    pdf PDF (124 K)

Original Articles

  • Effect of ethanol on stress induced cardiovascular alterations in rats.
    D'Souza UJA, Nagaraja HS, D'Souza VM, D'Souza A, Jeganathan PS.    pdf PDF (295 K)
  • Variations in intraocular pressure during different phases of menstrual cycle among Indian population.
    Prajna P, Pai SR, Pai A, Ramaswamy C, D'Souza UJA.    pdf PDF (156 K)
  • Acute toxicity of concomitant treatment of chemoradiation with single agent cisplatin in patients with carcinoma of the cervix.
    Bhavaraju VMK, Reed NS, Habeshaw T.    pdf PDF (260 K)