Volume 20 (No.2, Septermber)


Invited Article

Original Articles

  • Beneficial effect of N-acetylcysteine on certain oxidative stress parmeters during reperfusion following renal ischemia in rats
    Vinodini NA, Tripathi Y, Raghuveer CV.    pdf PDF (93 K)

  • Effects of ascorbic acid on streptozotocin-induced oxidative stress and memory impairment in rats
    Weerateerangkul P, Praputpittaya C, Banjerdpongchai R.    pdf PDF (127 K)

  • Impaired aerobic capacity in Thai dyslipidemias
    Wichitsranoi J, Settasatian N, Settasatian C, Komanasin N, Jetsritrakul Y, Leelayuwat N.    pdf PDF (136 K)

  • Antioxidative activity of the leaf of Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. on oxidative stress-induced erythrocyte hemolysis in hypertensive and normotensive rats
    Saengkhae C, Arunnopparat W, Sungkhajorn P.    pdf PDF (135 K)

  • Neuroprotective effect of Centella asiatica Leaf Extract treatment on cognition and hippocampal morphology against prenatal stress
    Madhyastha S, Somayaji SN, Bairy KL, Prakash, Madhyastha P.    pdf PDF (246 K)

  • Renal catecholamine contents in doxorubicin-treated rats receiving Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) juice
    Buranakarl C, Kalandakanond-Thongsong S, Pondeenana S.    pdf PDF (121 K)

Review Article

  • Body mass index and its adequacy in capturing body fat
    Muralidhara DV.    pdf PDF (78 K)