Volume 22 (No.1, April)


Editor's Note


  • Proteomics: state of the art in post-genomic physiological and biomedical sciences
    Thongboonkerd V.     pdf PDF (214 K)

Original Articles

  • Effect of phenytoin sodium on the biochemical parameters of reproductive function in male albino wistar rats
    Vijay P, Yeshwanth R, Bairy KL.    
    pdf PDF (73 K)

  • Short term and long term effect of monosodium glutamate (Ajinomoto) on ingestive behavior and estrous cycle in female Wistar rats
    Nayanatara AK, Sandhya B, Harini N, Ramaswamy C, Vinodini NA, Pai RS, Bhat MR.   
    pdf PDF (99 K)

  • Body composition in subjects of different age and body mass index
    Muralidhara DV, Bhat MR, Ahmed MHN.    
    pdf PDF (57 K)

  • Validity of frequency domain method in assessment of cardiac autonomic function during controlled breathing in healthy subjects
    Subbalakshmi NK, Bhat MR, Basha AA.    
    pdf PDF (53 K)

  • Blood pressure changes in normotensive subjects with and without family history of hypertension
    Dayananda G, Murthy N.    
    pdf PDF (39 K) 

  • Acute effect of mobile phone usage on cognitive function
    Kumar P, Chimkode S, Kulkarni SB, Venkatesh D.    
    pdf PDF (34 K)

  • Bone mineral density in healthy south Indian men
    Elizabeth J, Dayananda G, Satyavati K, Kumar P.    
    pdf PDF (120 K)

  • Estimation of tissue lipid peroxidation level and organ weight in litters of wistar rats exposed to prenatal alcohol ingestion
    Nayanatara AK, Nagaraja HS, C Ramaswamy C, Bhagyalakshmi K, Bhat MR, Harini N.     
    pdf PDF (57 K)