Volume 25 (No. 1, April)


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Original Articles

  • The promising anticancer efficacy of parsley seeds flavonoid in induced mammary adenocarcinoma (amn3) mice
    Alol LH, Al-Mzaien KA, Hussein SM.   pdf PDF (1.59 M)

  • The differential response of acute swim stress on c-Fos expression on the ipsilateral and contralateral sides in the rat spinal cord
    after formalin-induced pain
    Long I, Ahmad AH, Ismail Z.  pdf PDF (495 K)

  • Anticancer activity of MUC-30 in breast cancer cells
    Duangjumphol S, Jariyawat S, Soorukram D, Tuchinda P, Piyachaturawat.  pdf PDF (464 K)

  • Piperine is antihyperlipidemic and improves endothelial-dependent vasorelaxation in rats on a high cholesterol diet
    Maneesai P, Scholfield NC, Chootip K.   pdf  PDF (213 K)

The 41st Annual Scientific Meeting, the Physiological Society of Thailand

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