Volume 27 (No. 2, October)


Original Articles

  • Effects of different doses of Tualang honey on pain behaviour in rats with formalin-induced inflammation
    Abd Aziz CB, Ismail CAN, Ibariyah M, Mohamed M, Shamsul Kamaruljan H.    pdf PDF (181 K)

  • Detection of NMO-IgG antibodies in Thai NMO patients using a recombinant E. coli AQP4-M23 ELISA
    Kanjun K, Uawithya P.   pdf PDF (688 K)

  • Effects of short-term silver nanoparticle exposure on proliferative signaling pathway in human skin keratinocyte
    Kreeinthong S, Uawithya P.   pdf PDF (898 K)