Volume 1 (No. 1, December)


Invited Review
  • The structure and function of the blood-testis barrier
    Setchell BP.   pdf PDF (3.25 M)
Original Articles
  • Entry of some organic compounds into the perfused cauda epididymidis in the rat
    Sujarit S, Chaturapanich G, Pholpramool C.   pdf PDF (1.57 M) 
  • Suppression of decidual growth in pregnancy complicated by alloxan-diabetes in rats
    Piyachaturawat P, Peungvicha P, Limlomwongse L.    pdf PDF (1.74 M)
  • Possible stimulatory action of cytochalasin E on the intestinal fructose absorption in the mouse
    Glinsukon T, Tontisirin T, Chulasamaya M.   pdf PDF (691 K)  
  • Impaired development of reproductive organs in MSG-treated male rats during puberty
    Chuncharunee A.   pdf PDF (2.22 M)