Volume 3 (No.1, June)


Invited Review
  • Pathways of calcium entry affecting neurotransmitter release
  • Kongsamut S.   pdf PDF (1.45 M)

Original Articles
  • Effect of celery on kidneys and blood pressure in dogs
  • Musttayasuwan R, Nakapaksin A, Lhosiriwat S.    pdf PDF (727 K) 
  • Effects of ancistrotectorine on the contraction of the isolated stomach of rats and mice
  • Boonprasphai K, Dhumma-Upakorn P, Sudsuang S, Sanguanrungsirikul S.    pdf PDF (779 K)
  • Contractility of the cauda epididymidis of rats in vivo after castration 
    Chaturapanich G, Pholpramool C.    pdf PDF (1.01 M)  
  • Normative data of short latency somatosensory evoked potential in Thai subjects : Correlation with height
  • Eksantivongs S, Nakapaksin A.    pdf PDF (840 K)

Short Communication

  • Pregnancy resulting from bovine oocytes matured, fertilized and cultured with oviductal cell in vitro
  • Kitiyanant Y, Sricharoen P, Thonabulsombat C.   pdf PDF (397 K)