Volume 6 (No. 1, June)


Invited Review
  • Frequency modulation of synaptic transmission: Calcium, ion channels and retrograde messengers
  • Rahamimoff R, Yakir N, Melamed-Book N, Heiri H.   pdf PDF (4.7 M)

Original Articles
  • Antinociceptive effect of L-tryptophan supplementation in rats
    Tanti-wipawin W.   pdf PDF (936 K) 
  • Effect of piperine treatment on male fertility in hamsters
    Sriwatanakul W,  Piyachaturawat P.   pdf PDF (1.3 M) 
  • Sex determination of in vitro produced bovine embryos by embryo developmental stage and Iimunofluorescence
    Pavasuthipaisit K, Kitiyanant Y, Tocharus C.   pdf PDF (2.3 M)  
  • Milk progesterone profiles in postpartum dairy cows raised by small holders in N ortheast Thailand
  • Pavasuthipaisit K, Kitiyanant Y, Tocharus C.  pdf PDF (942 K)

  • The 22nd Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Thailand, May 5-7, 1993.
    pdf PDF (3.9 M)