Volume 7 (No. 1, June)


Invited Article

  • Hormones and growth factors in colostrum and milk of cows
    Slebozinski AB.  
     pdf PDF (677 K)

Original Articles

  • Effects of vanadate on urinary acid and electrolyte excretion in acute metabolic acidosis
    Chankasem K, Sangmal M, Chomdej B, Eiam-Ong S.   pdf PDF (715 K) 
  • Viability testing of frozen-thawed bovine embryos produced from oocytes matured, fertilized and cultured with oviductal cells in vitro
    Tocharus C, Prempee P, Kitiyanant Y, Areekijseree M, Jaruansuwan M, Pavasuthipaisit K.   pdf PDF (1.10 M)

  • Serum melatonin levels in human subjects from Northeastern Thailand: A possible relationship to the sudden unidentified nocturnal death syndrome
    Somapa S, Withyachumnarnkul B, Malasit P.   pdf PDF (733 K)