Volume 5 (No. 1, June)


Invited Review
  • Evaluation of the epididymal maturation of spermatozoa
  • Lewin LM, Pholpramool C.   pdf PDF (612 K)

Original Articles
  • Rapid purification of a glycoprotein specifically associated with a population of cerebral cortical interneurones which degenerate in Alzheimer's disease
    Thangnipon W, Iwamoto N, Emson PC.   pdf PDF (808 K) 
  • Piperine-induced disruption of pregnancy in rats: II. Suppression on progesterone levels and decidualization
    Piyachaturawat P, Chailurkit L.    pdf PDF (631 K)
  • Alteration of epididymal sperm surface proteins by some antifertility agents in the rats
    Bannag D, Lewin LM, Pholpramool C.    pdf PDF (867 K)  
  • Postpartum study in swamp buffaloes raised under village condition III: Progesterone levels before and during pregnancy
    Simaraks S, Suwanakamjaya T, Buranarugsa P, Limsirichaikul S.    pdf PDF (561 K) 
  • Hypotensive effects of barakol extracted from leaves of Cassia siamia Lam. in rats and cats
    Suwan G, Sudsuang R, Dhumma-Upakorn P, Werawong C.    pdf PDF (741 K) 

  • The 21st Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Thailand, April 29-May 1, 1992
    pdf PDF (1.85 M)