Volume 14 (No. 1, June)


Original Articles
  • Effects on dietary protein levels on body and brain growth development in the rat
    Chindaduangratn T, Chindaduangratn C, Khotchabhakdi N.  pdf PDF (2.65 M) 
  • Roles of endogenous endothelin on the volume regulatory mechanisms in anesthetized Wistar rat
    Wongmekiat O, Johns E.   pdf PDF (1.40 M)
  • Hypotensive effect of royal jelly in rat
    Werawong C , Pongsakorn S , Thipmontre P.   pdf PDF (871 K)  

Review Article

  • Hemispheric specialization for speech prosody : Evidences from tone languages
    Sittiprapaporn W, Khotchabhakdi N, Chindaduangratn C.   pdf PDF (2.35 M)
Short Report
  •  Responses of adrenal gland to lithium during hypothyroidism in an avian species
    Chakrabarti E, Ghosh A.   pdf PDF (337 K) 

  • The 31st Annual Acadamic Meeting of the Physiological Society of Thailand.  
    pdf PDF (1.42 M)