Volume 9 (No. 1, March)


Review Article
  • Nitric oxide and cerebral circulation
    Anuntasethakul T, Srikiatkhachorn A.   pdf PDF (2.19 M)
Original Articles
  • Characterization and localization of immunoreactive growth hormone and prolactin cells in pars distalis of the bullforg Rana catesbeiana
  • Sretarugsa P,  Munkhetvit P,  Cherdwongchareonsuk D, 
  • Sobhon P,  Chavadej J,  Kruatrachue M,  Kikuyama S. 
  •    pdf PDF (4.48 M) 
  • Seasonal changes in plasma gonodal steroids in Rana tigerina rugulosa and Rana catesbeiana
    Tangpraprutgul P, Pariyanonth P, Chaitiamwong R.    pdf PDF (731 K)
  • Effect of exercise and diabetic condition on gastrointestinal transit and  glucose homeostasis in rats
    Lailerd N, Pongchaidecha A,  Boonnayathap U,  Chaiwan S, Mattayabun S.   pdf PDF (2.59 M)


  • The 25th Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Thailand, May 1-3, 1996
    pdf PDF (2.08 M)